Join 50Jili VIP Today and Experience the Difference

50jili is the bookmaker most sought after by most players today. Especially for those who are passionate about sports betting, this is the safest and highest quality playground. More than 1 million players have experienced and tried the sports hall here. All are very satisfied with the quality of professional service as well as the diversity of each type of bet. Furthermore, major sports matches are always updated quickly on the odds board. Along with that are extremely attractive odds, attracting more and more players to start a 50Jili VIP.

What are 50Jili VIP privileges?

What are 50Jili Vip privileges?

At 50Jili, the highest level is VIP members. Once upgraded to VIP, you will receive the highest refund benefits compared to other levels. At the same time, you will also enjoy all the most attractive incentives from the house.

However, the house will have some conditions for players when they want to upgrade to VIP membership. What are those requirements? What interesting promotions will VIP members receive? The article below will provide you with complete information about 50Jili Vip privileges.

Things to know about 50Jili Vip Privileges

Things to know about 50Jili Vip Privileges

To become a VIP member of Bookmaker 50Jili, members need to meet the following standards:

➤ Criteria for SILVER LEVEL: You need to complete membership registration

➤ Criteria for GOLD LEVEL: You must have a valid bet of 50 Million Points. Your negative profit must reach 250 thousand points.

➤ Criteria for PLATINUM LEVEL: You must have a valid bet of 200 Million Points. Your negative profit must reach 1 Million points.

➤ Criteria for DIAMOND LEVEL: You must have a valid bet of 1 Billion Points. Your negative profit must reach 5 Million points.

➤ Criteria for VIP level: You must have a valid bet of 3 Billion Points. Your negative profit must reach 15 Million points.

After the review system finds that the member has met the standards for Eligible Bets or Profits. Members will be promoted to the highest level of female. That is a VIP MEMBER. Then you will receive all 50Jili Vip Privileges.

Incentives when upgrading to 50Jili Vip Privileges

Incentives when upgrading to 50Jili Vip Privileges

This is the house’s preferential return rate for members. Especially when you become a VIP member, you will receive the highest refund. That rate is 1% for the Casino lobby, and 0.8% for the Sports lobby and 3D games. This is said to be the highest return rate among bookmakers today. This is a 50Jili VIP privilege only available at the house.

Advantages of return incentives

  • Members do not need to register and do not have to wait for the approval system to receive a refund
  • After each bet, the house system will automatically calculate and pay money to each member’s account based on the number of points you bet.
  • The house does not limit the betting points of members
  • The more points a member bets, the more cashback they will receive from the house.
  • Regardless of whether you win or lose, the refund will be calculated according to the valid stake of all bets. This amount is based on the bet point you have bet.

Note when upgrading 50Jili Vip Privileges

  • When members have met the conditions for valid bets or negative profits corresponding to their level. On the 1st of the following month, members will be upgraded by the system.
  • The system will automatically promote you when all the above requirements are met. The house system will then send a notification via personal message to that member.
  • If the house has any changes related to the promotion program. The bookmaker reserves the right to modify, suspend, or cancel the offer at any time without notice.
  • The refund rate does not apply to Lottery halls at the house.
  • If you bet on cross bets, combination bets, score, number of goals, half/full match, 1X2, you will not receive a refund.
  • If the house detects that an individual or member, even a VIP, receiving VIP 50Jili privileges, violates the rules on fraud and abuse of promotions. That member will be canceled by the house as well as all incentives given to the member.
  • The house strictly prohibits members from taking advantage of promotions in the promotion program to make the following betting actions: betting over or under, placing collective bets, and taking advantage of other websites to make profitable bets. .

Even though you have been promoted to VIP 50Jili privileges, you violated one of the above rules. Then you will still have all promotions revoked, or your member account will be locked. Therefore, members need to clearly understand the above requirements to avoid unfortunate situations from occurring.

When gaming at the Online Coin-Tossing House, be mindful.

When gaming at the Online Coin-Tossing House, be mindful.

Because it is a reputable and professionally operated bookmaker. So they also have strict regulations that players need to follow. The following are important notes when playing coin toss at an online casino

You can only register 1 account, do not register more than 1 account. If the rules are violated, the player will not be able to withdraw money.

When depositing money, use the correct bank account with the name registered at the casino account. For example: the account name: is Le van Grome but the deposit account is: Le van Bullet is not accepted.

Withdraw money: use the same account you deposited money into to withdraw money. Within 10 minutes, the player will receive the winnings in his account


50Jili VIP privileges are special benefits and premium incentives that members will receive when promoted to the VIP level. In particular, the refund rate for VIP members is extremely high for the 3 sports halls, 50Jili casino, and 3D games. As long as you fully meet the conditions for valid bets, as well as negative profits, you can also become a VIP right now.