How to play Sicbo, rules in 2024

The Sicbo game is no longer strange to casino players in the Philippines. Sicbo game is not only popular in the Philippines, but it is also known by many bettors in Asia. Sicbo is considered a must-have online casino game by any online bookmaker. Do you understand how to play Sicbo yet? JLBET will share how to play Sicbo and the latest 2024 game rules.

Introducing Sicbo Game

Introducing Sicbo Game

Sicbo is a game that uses 3 dice to play. The result of the sicbi game will be based on the number of dots appearing on the 3 dice. Sicbo is considered a game originating from China. The game sSicboicbo has a history of hundreds of years. It was then introduced to neighboring countries and quickly became popular

ALaternd later, with the development of technology, this game spread throughout Asia and then the rest of the world. Today, it is more familiar and popular.

Instructions on how to play Sicbo for new players

With each turn, the dealer will shake 3 dice contained in a small cup and plate. And after the dealer shakes, players have 15 to 30 seconds to place a bet. After the specified time, the dealer opens the results and pays the winnings to the player. There will be many betting boxes for you to bet on.

It’s simple, right? With this way of playing, it has attracted a lot of people to participate in the betting market. And help bring the Sicbo game to new heights. Below, let’s review the common bet types and how to win money.

Types of Sicbo bets

Types of Sicbo bets

Even/odd bet: The player predicts that the total number of dots on the 3 sides of the 3 dice will be even or odd.

Over/under bet: The player predicts the result will be over or under. The result is Over when the total score is from 11-17, the result is Under when the total score is from 4-10.

Bet on the exact total score of the 3 dice: The player needs to predict the correct score of the 3 dice. For example, if you predict that the total score of 3 dice is 10, you will win the bet when the total score of 3 dice is 10.

Notes that new players need to know when playing Sicbo online

Notes that new players need to know when playing Sicbo online

If during the process of rolling the dice and announcing the results, one dice is tilted or tilted. In this case, the dealer calls the “cock dice” and will shake it again. At that time, no bets will be canceled or refunded.

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If for some intentional or accidental reason, the dice shaker or dealer shakes less than 3 times – bounces less than 3 times. Then the result of that sicbo game will not be recorded.

If in case the dice do not stop spinning or cannot stop spinning. If the result cannot be determined, then the bet will be canceled and the bet ticket will be refunded. This depends on the dealer’s decision.

Above is information on how to play Sicbo as well as the latest 2024 betting rules for new players. Hopefully, through the above article, you will be more confident to participate and bet on the Sicbo game at 50JILI.

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