The secret to playing roulette is always wins 

The secret to playing roulette to win money easily at online casinos is what many people who bet on this game are looking for the answer to. The roulette game is quite simple to play, but winning and earning money from the bookies is quite complicated.

To answer these questions. Today at 50JILI we will share with you the secrets to playing roulette that makes it easy to win money from most online casinos. Please follow the article below.

Overview of the roulette game

Overview of the roulette game

Roulette is a lottery-based game. This game is available in almost all major casinos in the world. However, in Vietnam, this game is still quite strange and not well known.

Currently, there are many online casinos established, so this game is gradually becoming popular known, and loved by more people. Many players even create their Secrets to playing roulette.

Roulette has simple rules and gameplay, with a spinning table and 36 to 40 numbers depending on the place. Each spin will have a certain number drawn and if the player bets successfully, they will receive a huge prize.

Experience playing roulette is always winning and easy to win money

Roulette is a simple casino game, but the odds of winning are quite difficult. Because each time the roulette spins only a certain number. So how can you win the roulette and choose the most accurate number? Let’s take a look at the roulette-playing experiences shared by an American overseas Vietnamese below. There will be an answer.

Observe the rotation and find the coincidence point

  • To be able to find the coincidence point of each rotation. You should pay attention to the results of the rounds, then from those numbers, you will be able to base your guesses on the next number. Because playing roulette is almost like playing the lottery. You need to find the rules of repetition and coincidence so you can easily choose the correct answer.
  • Below we will provide pairs of numbers that often follow each other so that you can refer to and play accordingly. These are the research passed down by the world’s leading experts.
  • If the previous round of roulette comes out with the number 02, then choose 12 in the next round
  • If the previous round of roulette shows a pair of numbers 12, then choose 32 in the next round
  • If the previous round of roulette shows the number 32, then choose 38 in the next round
  • If the previous round of roulette shows the number 38, then choose 18 in the next round
  • If the previous roulette round shows the number 22, then choose 02 in the next round
  • If the previous round of roulette produced a pair of 10s, choose 20 in the next round
  • If the previous round of roulette shows the pair 09, then choose 35 in the next round
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Play according to the result or return in a round of play

Play according to the result or return in a round of play

On average, each round will have a certain spinner. And they often win the lottery many times. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the popular numbers drawn by that person and choose that number to bet on.

This is a way to play that cannot be missed because the winning frequency is very high. For example, in an afternoon round from 3:00 to 6:00, if the number 05 appears more than 3 times, the player should choose 05 to play. The odds of the number 05 must return 2 to 3 more times.

Apply the folding method to betting

This is (The secret to playing roulette) to win big. You will bet a certain number which is double the previous bet. With this method, you can change your life overnight.

Continuously doubling your bets will help you win big, but only use it when luck comes your way. Do not apply when you are in the dark, if you apply this method you may save money

You need to relax and not put pressure on yourself

Players should determine that playing this game is entertainment and testing their luck. Therefore, you should not think that you must win or must not lose. If you put too much pressure on yourself, you will lose confidence and be indecisive when choosing numbers to bet on. This can very well cause you to lose winning bets from games where you find VIP numbers.

Please choose the appropriate bet level

Experienced players, will not bet all their bets at once. (The secret to playing roulette) is that they will divide the amount of money into many parts, and will start with a small bet and then gradually increase it. This way of betting will help you have time to learn about the rules and become more familiar with the house’s spins. From there, decide to choose the ending number, the ending numbers will be bet twice as much as other normal bet numbers.

Choose for yourself a reputable bookmaker

Choose for yourself a reputable bookmaker

This is a way to play at online casinos that cannot be ignored. Before participating in any game, players need to find out for themselves a reputable house and many corresponding betting games. Only then can players feel secure to play and make money.


Above is the article Secrets to Playing Roulette to Always Win. And it’s easy to earn from online casinos today. We at 50JILI hope you can understand and apply it to the best of this game. And what’s more, bets in casino games are always successful. And in the house easily.

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