What is the 3-4 odds? Guide to Betting on the 3-4 Handicap

The 3-4 odds is one of the quite popular bets in the Asian handicap sport market. In this article, 50JILI will introduce you to the concept of 3-4 handicap along with the most accurate way to read the odds so you can better understand this type of bet and apply it effectively when participating in online football betting.

What is a 3-4 odds?

What is a 3-4 odds?

The 3-4 odds is also known as the half-one handicap, 0.75 or 0.5/1 handicap. On online football betting sites, this form is quite popular today. In which, if team A accepts 0.75 left with team B, it means that team A needs to score 2 goals apart in the match. So new customers can win the handicap.

Usually, new players when following the odds table provided by the dealer will find it difficult to know the types of odds. Should place in the handicap team with matches offering 3-4 odds. Thus, the winning rate of the player at this time will be 90%.

How to play odds?

The 3-4 odds is understood that the upper bet team must accept 3-4 for the lower bet team. It can be simply understood as follows:

  • In case the upper bet team wins the lower bet team with a score of 1 – 0, the upper bet team will win half the amount, while the lower bet team will lose half of that amount. 
  • In case the upper bet team wins the lower bet team with a difference of 2 goals or more such as: 2 – 0, 3 – 1, 3 – 0, 3 – 2,… Then, the upper bet team is considered won and won enough money. 
  • In the case of a tie between the two teams, then at this time the upper bet team is still considered a loser as well as losing enough money 

Another meaning of 3-4 odds

Another meaning of 3-4 odds

If you are an experienced and professional player, it will be easy to observe the odds table as numbers. Because it guides you how to play, the methods, how to place bets to limit the risks.

As well as reflecting many things from the match taking place, the correlation of forces, the performance of the two teams, etc. Usually the 3-4 odds occur with the team that has a more outstanding strength than the other team.

Experience predicting 3-4 odds to win the easiest

Experience predicting 3-4 odds to win the easiest

Here are the easiest 3-4 odds prediction experiences:

  • If the upper hand team is holding a 3-4 handicap and has a payout of 0.80 for a long time. At that time, customers should choose the lower door ball. 
  • You should choose the upper bet if the upper team has an effective attack, while the lower team has an extremely poor and weak defense. 
  • You should choose the bottom door if the home field is the bottom door team. Along with that is the attack of the lower door and the upper door like each other. 
  • Players should choose the upper door if that stadium belongs to the upper team. Of course, the upper door team will have a stronger attack than the lower team.
  • According to 50JILI house odds, the 3-4 left handicap has a payout ratio of 0.85 or higher. Therefore, when monitoring the money to eat constantly changing up and down 4 hours before the match starts. As well as it suddenly increased 30 minutes before the match was played. With this perception, the catch will follow the home team. 
  • Players can hit the upper door after watching about 15 minutes of the match. At this time, you wait for the 3-4 handicap to drop to 1/2 to turn around and hit the upper door. 
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Hopefully through this article you have known what is 3-4 handicap? How to read this bet and how to play this bet most effectively. Hope that with what we share above, you will find the most suitable information for you. Help play 1 ¼ odds most accurately when betting on football.

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