How Many Rounds Does The FA Cup Have?

How many rounds does the FA Cup have? How specifically does the format take place? How is this tournament understood? The concerns of new members who are passionate about this exciting event will be shared by 50JILI right in the article, supporting you on a safe, effective introductory journey and having the most complete entertainment moment!

Explore the FA Cup

Explore the FA Cup

Before finding out how many rounds the FA Cup has, players need to briefly explore the tournament. The FA Cup (The Football Association Challenge Cup) is a prestigious football tournament in the United Kingdom, operating annually with the participation of many professional football teams. Many major Premier League teams and other clubs gather here.

The tournament first started in 1871 with world-leading professionalism and class. Each team and club strive with all their might to win the championship and touch the prestigious Cup that many people are waiting for.

England always has many big football teams with a long tradition and history of football. Among them are Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool. Therefore, since its start in August, the tournament has received attention from many players and fans.

The FA Cup is becoming more and more exciting and highly competitive among the participating parties, creating a strong boom for not only big clubs but also small teams. The whole thing has created the brand of the hottest hit event on the planet.

How many official rounds does the FA Cup have?

How many official rounds does the FA Cup have?

Many people wonder how many rounds the FA Cup has so they don’t miss any top matches. According to regulations, clubs need to go through many rounds before having the honor of entering the final round and competing to receive the prestigious Cup.

Normally, each team will participate in a total of 14 different rounds, creating exciting scenes welcomed by fans to find the champion team to lift the Cup, including:

  • Additional preliminary
  • Official preliminary
  • Qualifying round 1 + 2 + 3 + 4
  • Round 1 + 2 + 3 + 4
  • Quarter-finals
  • Semi-final
  • Final round

Official FA Cup tournament format

Official FA Cup tournament format

After knowing how many rounds the FA Cup has, players need to clearly understand the format in which the entire tournament will take place. A season includes 14 rounds lasting from August of this year to May of the following year. A total of 736 participating teams with many divisions.

The FA takes place in the preliminary round so that the lowest-ranked teams compete for rankings to enter the next round, making it easier on their journey to reach the top position. Round 3 includes the participation of the highest-ranked team in the Premier League.

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From round 3, knockout matches will begin at home and away, with qualifying matches continuing until there are only 2 teams left to participate in the finals and compete for the cup. Normally, the match to find the champion will take place in May or June every year at Wembley. This is a key match in English football so it always attracts attention.


Above is information shared about beginners wondering how many rounds the FA Cup has. At the same time, it helps you discover the official competition format along with some side information to objectively view the tournament. Fans need to understand correctly to start the tournament safely and completely!

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