LOL Betting Guide for New Players

A current sports betting trend that is extremely new and receives great popularity from young bettors. That is betting on electronic sports matches – Esports. One of the interesting PC video games that attracts many players today is League of Legends (LOL). Let’s learn about LOL betting with bookmaker 50JILI right below.

Overview of E-Sports Game LOL

LOL has many different meanings, but for e-sports betting, it refers to the game League of Legends. This is the acronym for the English name of this game, League of Legends (LOL). League of Legends is not only the game with the number of players and number 1 favorite in the Philippines but also the number 1 game in the world today. LOL was officially introduced to the e-sports enthusiasts on October 27, 2009. The moment marked the birth of a huge game that disrupted the world of online gamers around the world. LOL is published by Riot Games, played online on PC.

Overview of E-Sports Game LOL

With the increasingly modern growth and development of technology. Online games are gradually being released, the most successful of which is still League of Legends. Since then, the LOL betting method has also been introduced by online bookmakers to serve betting enthusiasts of this dramatic and attractive electronic sport.

Instructions on How to Play LOL Betting

Instructions on How to Play LOL Betting

A LOL match will take place with the confrontation of two teams. Each team will have 5 members who can compete officially. The goal of the match is to destroy the ruins and main towers of your opponent to win. Players will participate in betting on the results of the confrontation between the two teams. In general, LOL betting does not have too much difference when we bet on other sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, etc. We will guide you on how to play League of Legends betting. with the following basic steps:

Step 1: Successfully register a betting account and log in to the account you just registered.

Step 2: Go to the Esport electronic sports lobby. Then search for the sports title League of Legends – LOL.

Step 3: The system will show you information about upcoming League of Legends matches. Along with that are the LOL betting odds that the house provides. Please choose a suitable bet for yourself and bet on it.

Step 4: Confirm the bet and track the LOL match results.

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Popular LOL betting genres today

Compared to other traditional sports bets, LOL bets are quite similar and have their uniqueness. With League of Legends betting, players will have many choices of diverse and rich bets. We will introduce to LOL e-sports enthusiasts some of the most attractive bets today.

Popular LOL betting genres today

Bet on win or loss results: You will choose to bet on which team will win in the League of Legends match that the house provides on the display board.

Over/Under Betting: Simply put, the house will analyze and give a certain number about the match result. You just need to bet that the LOL match result will be a larger number (Over) or a smaller number (Under).

Betting on the team to win the championship: This is a very difficult bet that will bring you an extremely large reward if the prediction is successful. You will participate in predicting which League of Legends team will win the final championship of the tournament.

First Blood Bet: In a match, you will predict which team will get the first victory first.

Bet on the team to get 5 kills first: You will choose 1 of the 2 teams to get the first 5 kills first.

Bet on the winning team of match 1: You will choose the team that will win the first match.


LOL betting is currently the most attractive e-sports betting genre for players today. We offer players countless attractive and diverse LOL bets. With matches from the most prestigious League of Legends tournaments in the region and around the world, all are fully updated for players.

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