How to play Uno that not everyone knows

In the past, players often chose card games like blackjack card games. But now young people have changed the way they play, they prefer to play a new card game called Uno. This is a highly entertaining game, as well as attractive strategies, so it is very popular with young people. Therefore, dealer 50JILI will guide you on How to play Uno card.

Learn what Uno is

Learn what Uno is

Young people today love this game very much, but many people do not know that this game was first known in the United States. This game is known to young people all over the world.

With Uno, the more players you have, the more attractive it will be when there are fewer players. If you want to be eligible to play a game of Uno, you must have at least 2 players and the maximum allowed is 10 people. With Uno, there are a total of 108 cards for you to play.

These How to play Uno are sure to win

These How to play Uno are sure to win

Many young people who have played Uno, they will not care about ways to play to have more chances of winning, but they will just play the way they think will easily win. But these are the mistakes of newbies. Below you can refer to some of these (how to play Uno).

Or always try to get all the big cards

Many people who play this card game will think that it is best to keep the big cards so that they can block other opponent’s cards later, but with this game, you often use the big cards first, if you lose. then you will also be deducted fewer points than your opponent.

Know how to focus and observe

With Uno card game as well as other card games, when playing you will need to keep track of your opponents, with (how to play Uno card game) you will only need to focus on seeing what colors your opponent is holding in their hand so that you can improvise and keep the better cards, which will make your opponents unable to block your cards, they will have to draw a lot of cards.

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When you can closely observe your opponents, you will be able to understand how they want to play, for example, if they want to change their color to another color, it means they don’t have that color, when will you need to exploit this weakness of theirs and take advantage of our ability to win.

Use tricks to deceive your opponents

When playing Uno, you will not simply play the cards in your hand, but you will also have to apply additional skills such as knowing how to distract your opponent, so that they cannot catch their cards. Okay, this is the secret trick that Uno card players often use.

To understand how to play this Uno card, for example, if you own +4, if other people don’t know how to play, they will use this card to change the color they have in their hand, and for good players, they will use it as This +4 card is exchanged for a color they don’t have in their hand, to cause the opponent to be caught off guard and misjudge.

But with this way of playing, there will also be a riskier thing than other traditional ways of playing, because with this way it will be quite red and black, so there are many cases where you are the one who has to pick up cards when facing the opponent. The player has played the correct color card you don’t have.

Keep a stable mentality when playing Uno

When playing the Uno card game, like other casino games, a psychological factor is very important when playing this card game. When you are playing this card game, you need to prepare yourself with the best psychology, to be able to Increase your ability to apply tactics.

If when playing this card game your mind is unstable, it will be much harder for you to concentrate, then you will not be able to control the game, with the state of play you cannot remember all the ways. that I already know, this makes it difficult for you to win this game.

Therefore, psychological factors are very important, so before playing, players should try to maintain the best psychological state, so that the spirit is comfortable to create breakthrough moves that prevent the opponent from reacting in time. 

Play Uno card within the prescribed time

Play Uno card within the prescribed time

For many people, they think that they can play this card game all day without getting bored, and they can still play and win against other players. However excellent players will know how to choose the playing time that suits their physical condition.

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If during the game they feel tired and unstable, they will immediately stop and rest to continue playing another time. This will help them avoid losing matches due to factors outside of their expertise, when their body is not good, it is when they play that they make many mistakes that their opponents can catch.


After you have read the above article from Bookmaker 50JILI, you certainly have a clear understanding of this card game as well as How to play Uno to increase your chances of winning. Wishing you participate in this card game to have fun and bring you victory.

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