How to play the penalty card bet with a 70% chance of winning

In the past, people often liked to play bets related to soccer goals, because when playing this bet, they would see matches that could result in many goals. Nowadays, everyone loves the penalty card bet format due to its novelty, appeal, and tension when a match takes place. Below, bookmaker 50JILI will guide you on how to play this bet.

Why is the penalty card bet so popular?

Why is the penalty card bet so popular?

Many bettors have many choices of different types of bets, but not all bets fully satisfy factors such as the thrill and stressful moments of the match that many players want to see. Matches with many penalty cards appear to increase the attractiveness of that match.

Therefore, penalty card bets are always loved by players, and sports betting players choose to play. For someone very interested in this bet, the bookies always meet all the betting odds of the players with the penalty cards for players to choose from.

With card betting, there are not only the odds of the total number of cards in the whole match, but bets can also occur in the first 15 minutes of the match, or you can play 30 minutes of the match. That depends on each player’s desire, and how long they want to play betting.

You can judge for yourself which card bet you should play with. If you feel that the over/under penalty card best suits your playing style, then you should choose the day bet with the whole match time to help you have the highest chance of winning, then you should choose this bet.

Ways to play penalty card betting with a 70% win rate

Ways to play penalty card betting with a 70% win rate

In card betting, there are not many factors involved such as goal betting or match handicap, but with this card betting you need a completely different way of playing compared to other ways of playing soccer betting. Below you can refer to some ways to play this type of bet to help increase your chances of winning.

Analyze whether the two teams have a solid playing style

In sports, there are many matches of all types of sports with many types of penalty cards, each type has a different form of penalty card, and each type has different properties and methods of punishment, with football being A subject that directly opposes the situation in which a penalty card will occur very often.

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By playing the penalty card bet, choose matches where both teams have a solid playing style as well as players who are often carded to increase the chance of winning the bet. This helps you filter out the bad bets. Bets that lose are due to a lack of careful analysis of these important factors.

When you want to bet on this bet, you will need to prepare information about whether these two teams have received yellow cards in each recent match, and whether any individuals in the team often use this style of play. rude, and often get yellow cards. Once you have mastered the information, now your job is to choose which bet to play.

Are the 2 teams in the same city?

With football, when two teams play against each other in the same city, usually these two teams will be very determined, because of the great opposition, each team wants to win for their region. These types of matches will often have a lot of penalty cards because both teams use all their strength to play.

When the first match does not have too many important factors, the possibility that you play a card bet will also have a very high probability of losing, because the two teams will not need to make any effort to play, they will often keep their legs to avoid unnecessary injuries. worth having, so the penalty cards will be much less.

Are the two teams competing for the championship?

Are the two teams competing for the championship?

In penalty card betting, if you often play over-card betting, you should always choose championship matches to play. Because these are zero-sum matches, unlike useless matches, when entering matches like this, almost no player can keep a hot head when controversial situations occur.

If this first match can continuously foul the referee will need to solve a lot, and in situations where the referee is opposed by the players, the number of penalty cards will increase a lot compared to normal matches. Therefore, matches that are competing for first place, second place, or championship often have cards.

Choose the best penalty card bet to play

If they are betting experts, they will use their analytical ability as well as wise selection skills to find matches that they feel meet the quality factors to choose to play. They will not be like newbies who just like to play many bets leading to losing a lot because they do not know which match to play.

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There is a penalty card bet in all sports betting, each subject has a different penalty type, but only football is the most played card bet, so bookmaker 50JILI has instructed how to play this bet. most clearly for you, I wish you good luck when playing this type of bet and apply exactly what this article has shared.

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