3D Fish Shooting – Instructions For Playing The Game On 50jili

The online 3D fish shooting game is considered one of the hottest products on the market today. Players come to fish shooting not only because of the experience of getting lost in the colorful magical ocean world and being able to practice marksmanship, but more importantly, by playing fish shooting online, players can also bring in profits. The following article will guide you on how to play fish shooting on – 50jili in the most accurate and detailed way.

How to access 3D fish shooting?

How to access fish shooting?

On the phone:

  • Step 1: Log in to your 50jili casino account
  • Step 2: Select GAMES => Fish Shooting => 3D Fish Shooting.
  • Step 3: Enter the transfer points into your account and enjoy the sweetness of conquering the ocean.

On the computer:

Step 1: Log in to your 50jili account. Step 2: Select FISH SHOOTING => 3D. Step 3: Enter the amount transferred to your game account. Step 4: Conquer the ocean and collect bonuses.

Win rate when playing fish shooting game is over 50jili

Win rate when playing fish shooting game is over 50jili

At 50jili, depending on each type of fish, you will have different odds of winning money. The specific winning rate for each type of fish is as follows:

  • Percentage of eating common fish
  • To increase the opportunities and challenges for players, 3D fish shooting on 50jili – 50jili casino also has fish types that bring special, more valuable rewards.
  • Some types of fish can also bring great opportunities to players, but they are not easy to shoot. Players need to pay attention and calculate carefully for these types of fish.
  • Percentage of eating particular types of fish

The winning rate is calculated using the formula:

Number of betting points X Number of fish shot X Winning rate.

For players’ convenience, the winning amount is also displayed right on the screen.

Function keys when playing

Function keys when playing

A few special keys that members should know and instructions on how to play:

  • Combine the two keys [Spacebar] / [Enter] to fire continuously. If you release it, the shooting will stop.
  • Press the [Radial] key to activate the rapid fire mode, press the [Stop] button or left click twice to turn off the rapid fire function.

Special weapons in the game

Special weapons in the game

In order to increase the player’s chances of hitting more fish, the manufacturer has added special weapons that the player can use to shoot more fish. Specifically, each type of special weapon and instructions for playing fish shooting are as follows:

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Electronic cannon

The electronic cannon appears when the player hits a random fish, and based on the weapon currently in use, the electronic cannon is activated corresponding to the level of the gun being used currently.

The electronic cannon has the power to damage fish in a straight line at a wide range. Any fish in the light line of the cannon will be defeated and the player will receive a bonus. This cannon can only be used once within 3 seconds, the player must choose the direction to adjust to receive the most bonus points.

If you are a person with good observation eyes, perhaps with just an electronic cannon, the entire ocean of fish will belong to you.

The bomb function is activated when shooting down a random fish. When activated, it will depend on the weapon you are currently using and activate the cannon corresponding to the level.

The player can only detonate once, after receiving it it will automatically detonate. When using this weapon, all fish located on the screen at that time will be destroyed.

Free Games

In a normal game, as long as you shoot a Jellyfish, you will immediately enter the free game table. In this table, players do not lose their bets and the goal is to shoot down jellyfish. The jellyfish eating rate is randomly selected by the machine as 1 time, 2 times and 5 times.

Players will have 300 free bullets that can be used, which must be used up within 1 minute. If it exceeds 1 minute, the system will automatically fire, at this point the player can only adjust the angle of the gun. All jellyfish shooting amounts in this table are also counted as fish shooting amounts as in the original game interface.

In case the customer loses connection, the remaining bullets will not be counted. The system will perform settlement based on the final results before the member lost connection.

Some tips for playing fish shooting to make money effectively

Some tips for playing fish shooting to make money effectively

After reading the instructions for playing fish shooting, you must have found this game extremely easy, right? However, to be able to shoot with the highest efficiency, you can refer to some tips below:

Shoot fish in the head

For this shooting style, the player should use large bullets and shoot at the heads of fish with an eating rate greater than 3 and should also choose schools of fish that follow in groups to have a higher chance of scoring.

Shoot the fish that just come out of the table

By adjusting the 3D fish shooting machine, some fish will die as soon as their heads appear, so you can easily win a lot of money just by watching and shooting at the right head of the fish when it first appears.

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Shoot small fish first

This is a small trick and can be considered a way to hack the fish shooting game to exchange money. For new players, most only focus on shooting big fish because they bring high bonuses, but forget about small fish that can bring higher profits. Because you’re busy shooting animals that don’t die easily, you’re putting yourself in a risky situation that’s like throwing money down the drain. Instead, if you have little capital, you should focus on shooting small fish, the type of fish that can die with just one bullet.

Shoot big fish when you have enough bullets

This strategy is for people with large capital. When you have a large sum of money, you should not waste time shooting small fish but instead aim for big fish. For each big fish you kill, you will receive 100 – 200 times the amount of money your bullet fired.

How to shoot fish using the mustache strategy

How to shoot fish using the mustache strategy

The fact that many people only pay attention to big fish to destroy can cause them to lose a large amount of coins, often with no results. So for this strategy, we should choose a location in the small corners of the machine to shoot and destroy small fish. This will not only reduce the amount of coins lost but also be able to destroy many small fish and bring in a lot of money. More bonuses.

Here, the player must rotate the gun barrel continuously around the 3D fish shooting table and then shoot bullets one at a time in different directions. Thus, players will destroy more and still have the opportunity to destroy big fish.

How to shoot fish while leaving the table

For this shot, we will take advantage of the opportunity. When we see the fish coming out, we have to shoot immediately. Usually, big fish go first or last to protect the young fish. Using this method and shooting continuously when the fish comes out will help you kill large fish while increasing your ability to kill small fish.

How to play single fish shooting

Use small and medium bullets, aim and shoot small and medium sized fish to avoid wasting your coins.

How to play tank shooting

The simplest way to play is to increase the number of bullets fired by 1 bullet for each animal and then gradually increase it until the 100 bullet mark. At this point, your score loses about 558 points) but you get the result at the same time the fish is completely destroyed. The result of obtaining 1000 points is that you have a relatively high balance compared to other common shooting methods.

How to play group shooting

Here, you will use the strategy of shooting with marbles. With this strategy, you have to spend a larger amount of bullets than otherwise when shooting at one fish at once. Therefore, this strategy is only suitable when used to dispute with other players.

After killing a lot of fish, your coin amount is quite large. You can use big 3D fish shooting (shooting with big bullets to destroy big fish) to get hundreds of times more coins than the number of coins spent to shoot.

Moreover, on 50jili, these big fish will swim back and forth across the screen many times, so you won’t be afraid of wasting bullets if you don’t have time to shoot down that fish the first time you swim past it. Above are all instructions for playing fish shooting on 50jili – 50jili casino. Wish you have fun experiences with this game!

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